Great Wilderness Challenge (15 August 2015) Results

WRA members and other local athletes were out in force for the highlight of the trail running calendar.

A great effort by members across all age groups from Senior to Vet 60. Special mention to Tom Grant who came in 4th in his first attempt at the 25 mile distance. Special mention also to Angus, Karen and Guy who ran in with PBs!!!







Lots of images (including WRA athletes) available for charity sale at Gary Williamson Photography

13 Mile Race Position
Gregory Lambert Vintage 2:06:49 3rd in Age Category
Angus Ritchie Veteran 2:17:27 5th in Age Category
Anna Maciver Super 2:42:21 3rd in Age Category
25 Mile Race Position
Tom Grant Senior 3:28:22 1st Local, 4th Overall
Karen MacAllister Senior 5:25:03 3rd in Age Category
Guy Seaman Vintage 5:41:09 5th in Age Category

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