Gairloch 10K (2 Jun 14) Results

The weather gods were shining for the 2nd WRA 10k. Both the walkers and the runners set off in dry weather. Yes it was damp under foot and yes there was a bit of a breeze when you got out of the village but the rain held off.

22 participants in total this year, including visitors from Inverness,Preston, America and France.

A huge thank you to all who helped made it possible. Margot, Andy, Helen, Colin P (motorbike marshall and FA), Cory, Guy, Tim, Mia & friends(medal princess), thanks to the ATC for saving the day and being fantastic marshalls. Thanks to Jake and Tes at GLC for helping with the set up and clearing up our cake mess. Thanks to those who kindly donated to the great spread we put on afterwards including Karen, Erin, Janet, Carol, Angela and Margot and everyone else.

We didn’t have too many spectators due to the grey and damp weather however we did have some aquatic support from two seals who were very curious about all the commotion.

As mentioned the rain held off until everyone was safely back at the finish and then the weather gods opened the heavens and down it poured. We all had some strength left to quickly retreat to Gairloch Leisure Centre for the prize giving and home baking feast.

Once again thanks to everyone for making this a great community event (sorry if I have forgotten to mention you but don’t think your assistance went unnoticed!).

Gareth Mason Male Senior 40:18
Carol Bulmer Female Veteran 44:54
Beccy Middleton Female Senior 48:25
Paul Tattersall Male Veteran 49:03
Jack McCruden Male 54:19
Karen MacAllister Female Senior 56:44


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