Great Wilderness Challenge (16 August 2014) Results

Some brutal weather and tricky conditions underfoot made for a tough Great Wilderness Challenge this year, but gave the rugged and hardened members of Wester Ross Athletics a chance to shine. Well done to all who ran and thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.


Lots more photos at

13 Mile Race Position
Beccy Middleton Senior 2:09:59 5th Lady
Angela Rae Senior 2:23:26 8th in Age Category
Fiona Johnston Veteran 2:26:48 7th in Age Category
Anna Maciver Super 2:29:54 2nd in Age Category
Helen Meek Super 2:30:48 3rd in Age Category
25 Mile Race Position
Colin Meek Veteran 3:57:32 1st Local
Melanie Gaff Senior 4:32:57 1st Lady
Carol Bulmer Veteran 4:34:55 2nd Lady, 1st in Age Category
Karen MacAllister Senior 5:27:20 4th in Age Category
Guy Seaman Super Super 5:48:40 3rd in Age Category
Samantha Richards Veteran 6:03:55 5th in Age Category
Katerine Weekes Veteran 6:15:36 6th in Age Category

anna carol mel

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